The Beginning

After the 2015 general elections, I sat down to reflect on the situation of things in Nigeria and what the future holds for us. 

Nigerians had successfully chose their leader from the two bad options presented to us, since the average Nigerian knows only PDP and APC.

I have always wanted a country where her citizen understand the repercussion on every decision we make, whether as individual or as a people. 

I am tired of seeing our people queue under the sun, only to cast votes for candidates who don’t have clear-cut plan on how to help us grow.

So I thought it will be good if I leverage on the internet to create a platform where Nigerians can get real data on the politics, policies and government moves made by individuals we voted in or about to vote into public offices.

All I have ever wanted is a Nigeria that works for every Nigerian regardless of tribe, ethnicity or religion. A country where we don’t do geopolitical voting but based on candidates credentials and manifesto.

I wish for all Nigerians to join hands together with me and let’s create the country we all dream of. This platform is opened to everyone who wants this country to work.

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