Peter Obi

Is Peter Obi the best candidate for Nigeria?

Published June 10, 2022

My take on Peter Obi’s candidacy

Peter Obi…the man whose name sleeps on the lips of young Nigerians from the South East and some from the South South regions of Nigeria.

One fact about Mr Peter Obi is…none of his followers have carefully listen to this man. They hear him clearly but they don’t listen.

Maybe they are too daft to juxtapose his words and the situations in Nigeria, they don’t want to deal with the failures of PDP and APC anymore, or they are clearly ignoring everything because they want to do another “I have no shoe” or “Sai baba”.

Never in the history of my life, have I ever seen a politician talk about himself when asked about how he intend to tackle problems Nigeria and Nigerians are facing.

A good friend of mine…one of the “Sai baba” trumpeters in 2014, shared a video with me yesterday. Man was telling Berekete TV or whatever, how secondary school prefects in Anambra all had his phone number.

They will call him to tell him what they needed and he, together with his commissioners, would go there and do what is needed.

I was like….what kind of stupid method to solve problem is this? OK. You had 500 schools and you were going to each to see what were needed in them.

It means he was so bored and jobless in Anambra’s government house that all he was thinking and waiting to do every day is to visit one secondary school with his entourage.

A simple solution to secondary school education in Anambra would have been “POLICIES”.

Some policies that will result to efficiency in secondary schools in his state would have been:

  1. only employ trained graduates to teach at that level.
  2. address overcrowding in public secondary schools. Statistics show that students in overcrowded classrooms feel stressed and easily lose interest during classes.
  3. increase funding to schools. Don’t only build better classrooms, laboratories, libraries, playing ground, etc…increase teacher funding and support. A well paid teacher will be motivated to impact knowledge on his/her students.
  4. and basic skills to equipped students for work after secondary school. Let only the B+ students and above think of furthering into universities. Others will learn whatever skill they find interesting and fits their financial goals because majority of the works outside don’t need university degrees.
  5. in fact…if Peter Obi had invested in sports…Football, Basketball, Rugby and Cricket, Anambra state would been exporting at least 50 talents every year with 10 years of setting up such infrastructures.

The bigger picture of creating a solid policy for secondary education will be felt in the state’s GDP. But what did he do…”notice me” type of governance. Anambra people must know that I am working…style of leadership.

Did his working create any system that will ensure the average working class man’s child in Anambra woukd have a future-preparation program available to them in forever or it will only exist within the years he was in office?

To the illiterate or poorly educated eyes…Mr Peter Obi is a fine prospect for the seat in Aso Rock. I will say this…Obi doesn’t know what Nigeria’s problems are.

He’s been given the Labour Party’s flag going to a month now but he’s yet to give Nigerians his plans if he wins the race to become Nigeria’s president in 2023.

Something Ahmed Tinubu did in less than 12 hours after winning the cumbersome APC primaries where he had to battle his political son, Osibanjo and political ally, Ameachi.

Where is Obi manifesto? Where is Peter Obi’s plans for Nigeria? When you throw questions to his social media warriors…all they will and can say is…”you no dey watch him videos” or they will say “go to YouTube and type Peter Obi”.

Why can’t anyone of you say how Peter Obi improved the lives of Anambra people? Do you see Lagosians leaving Lagos to Anambra every morning? That’s because someone has created a system that provides for the indigenes of that state.

But go to Chisco, The Young, GIGM, etc in Anambra and see how Peter Obi’s people are running to Lagos. 8 years as a governor and he couldn’t fix a small state as Anambra but he’s here, talking on how he will fix Nigeria.

Any governor who can’t fix the economy situation of his state should never win a primary election in any party.

I think voters should know that voting for Peter Obi is the same as voting Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Another failure awaits Nigeria with a president like Peter Obi.

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